Complaint Process
Filing A Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the bank's attempt to solve your complaint, you may approach this office. You should ask for a complaint reference number which would be required to complete our OBA Assistance Form , (authority to act on your behalf) available from our office.

We can post, fax or e-mail a copy to you.

Before approaching the OBA you must give your bank sufficient opportunity to resolve the problem (usually a maximum of 15 business days ).
On presentation of your complaints we will determine whether they fall within our rules, after carefully considering all the information provided by you . Unfortunately it is not possible to make such a decision over the phone.
Your complaint will be referred back to your bank to give the bank a further opportunity to resolve the matter.
If the bank and you, do not resolve the matter within the time period( not more than 15 business days) set down by this office, your complaint will be regarded as 'accepted' by this office.
Accepted complaints are investigated by obtaining information from the bank and, where necessary, yourself. Our aim is to complete most investigations within 3 weeks.
To protect confidentiality, we may not send each party copies of everything that we receive from the other.
Unlike a Court, we will not call for evidence given under oath and no hearing will be held.
Where it is possible to arrive at a conclusion, the OBA will make a recommendation ruling. If it is in your favour and you accept it, your claim against the bank will fall away after you have received an apology or payment that is due to you from your bank. If the decision is in favour of your bank, you retain the right to institute legal proceedings against the bank.
We will keep you informed of developments on an ongoing basis.


The services of the Banking Adjudicator are free to customers of the Bankers' Association of Botswana
Complaint process

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